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malakyte [userpic]
Common Room
by malakyte (malakyte)
at April 28th, 2006 (10:02 pm)

Petrea glanced nervously at Angelina and gave her a quick nod. She would give the woman a key as soon as she had served the new customer. She then turned to that customer, giving a nod of her head. “That will be 3 coppers.” And she produced a brass key with the number 3 upon it, setting it on his table. She looked up to find herself staring into the face of a drow elf and all color promptly left her face.

There had never been any drow actually seen in these parts though they were said to frequent the mountains to the north, but there had been plenty of stories about them. To her credit Petrea tried to answer him when he looked away but no sound came out of her mouth and as she saw him move to look back at her suddenly she quickly turned on her heels and fled for the kitchen once more.

It was a wonder she remembered but upon spotting Ella in the kitchen she finally remembered her instructions for dealing with customers. She then informed Ella of Angelina’s wish to have a room with an early morning bath and to allow her second into the unlocked room. She relayed the information to Barlow as well.

Soon she returned with the drow elf’s hot water, setting the ceramic mug gently before him. She stood uncertainly, dark eyes wide as she watched him. Fear, fascination and duty warred within her as she summoned her last ounce of courage. “C-can I get you anything else milord?”