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malakyte [userpic]
Common Room
by malakyte (malakyte)
at April 28th, 2006 (10:13 pm)

Just then Ella emerged from the kitchen with Angelina’s meal only to find the woman gone. She set the tray on the table and looked around the room for a moment, trying to locate the warrior woman, even glancing over to Wulfgan’s men, still at their table. Leaving the food and a key for room 8, Ella picked up a ceramic mug of freshly drawn water from the tray and approached the servant’s quarters.

At the door to the bedroom she hesitated, before knocking softly and delivering the water to Gwen. Then she hurried back to Angelina’s table and picked up the tray. She would have to ask Barlow where the woman went for she certainly had no idea.