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malakyte [userpic]
The Dark Woods
by malakyte (malakyte)
at April 28th, 2006 (11:15 pm)


The hatchling sniffed the floor and was finding her hunt a bit boring. A house definitely did not have the variety of the outdoors. Yes there was a mouse in the wall and a few ants running across the doorway but there were no crickets or other crawling things that made all the noise in the ground or the interesting variety of smells that the outdoors had.

She caught Alexia looking at her and stared back at the woman. But the human was talking boring two-legged talk at the elf and the young dragon soon lost interest again until the elf turned to speak to her. Then she tilted her head slightly and gazed up at Neive curiously. She could understand the common both were speaking as well as the language the elf spoke though how she knew all this she had no idea.

With a flick of her tongue and a chirp at the elf she turned and quickly scuttled out the front door. She was still new to the area but a ring of oak trees should not be too hard to find, especially if she followed Neive’s path back the way she had come.

Once outside she spread her wings and leaped into flight, soaring over the startled horse and then over the bridge. Cautiously sniffing the air for spore, she flew higher, over the trees until she was high enough to see the forest below her and the road snaking its way through it.