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Crossroads Inn - common room
by malakyte (malakyte)
at September 9th, 2006 (10:06 am)

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And thus the evening went, with customers coming and going and finally most of them either rented a room or went their own way.

Barlow and his staff finished cleaning the common room and all the dishes. Finally when they were all done he sat at a table discussing the evening’s events with Marta. It was decided that they definitely needed to hire a few more people and that a price list should be established and posted. Not much later Will was sent out again, stumbling down the hill in his weariness to the sign makers house for a very late… or as the case may be, early morning commission.

And so by the next morning there were 2 signs posted, one on the inside over the inner room and one next to the front door. The one inside was the pricelist.


1 copper – Meal or drink
2 copper – Meal with drink
3 copper – Room/night
1 copper – Bath
1 copper – Stall/night
2 silver – Room/week

The second said:

Servants sought for hire.
Inquire within.

Barlow the Innkeeper

Barlow was out early despite his own weariness to visit the carpenter and soon the sound of saws and hammers could be heard. The work being done to the back part of the common room was the installation of a long table … the bar. The sounds were brief for the carpenter knew his business and was quick about it, having worked all the predawn hours to put together the parts.

And thus it was just at dawn that Barlow and his staff were downstairs once more, preparing for the new day.


OOC note: The money system is roughly as follows;

10 copper = 1 silver
10 silver = 1 gold
10 gold = 1 gem
10 gem = 1 platinum