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Monkey Ninja Firechild [userpic]
looong awaited post
by Monkey Ninja Firechild (salamanders)
at December 5th, 2006 (04:25 am)
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Owen 04/14/2006
Crossroads - Stable
Owen stood outside the front door of the stable,
holding the reins of the warhorse of the last customer
wondering what he was going to do if more customers
came that night. The stable was filled with the other
customer’s horses. Well first things first, the horse
definitely needed a good rub down, food and water.
That Owen could do.

He led the tired horse into the stable and closed the
door so as to keep the warmth inside. Then leaving the
new horse standing he quietly led one of the horses
from Wulfgan’s party into the next stall with another
horse from the same party and prayed that they would
get along together. Then leading the new horse into
the emptied stall he set about removing saddle and
bridle. After bringing it water in a bucket from the
well and hanging a food bag around its head he set
about brushing the animal down. But his mind was not
on that. He needed to get word to Barlow of the
situation soon.

Noz wasn't sure how long he lay there in the confines of the warm tack room, hidden beneath the heavy blankets. He seemed to fade in and out of awareness as the pain from his injuries reminded him quickly what had happened. He silently prayed Lady Agatha would be swift though at this point he wasn't even aware how much time had passed.

Shifting to his side, his blood red eyes widened as he heard Owen enter the stable. Noz felt his pulse quicken as the fear of being discovered by a stranger filled him. There was a reason he avoided humans, and it wasn't because he didn't like them. His long existence would have been much easier if that was a case. He liked humans, unfortunately his appearance stood in the way. Its hard to be social when one's appearance was known to cause people to die of fright. As he listened to Owen's movements he tried his best to fight off the growing panic attack. Silly, he thought, that a fairy creature older then even he could remember, would suffer such anxiety. He probably would have found it amusing if the combination of pain and fear hadn't left him in a shaking daze under the thick wool blanket. His only hope was that Lady Agatha would return before this man had reason to enter the tack room.