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A place for creative writing among friends

Crossroads Inn
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This is a place, a realm out of space and time, something very much like NetCentral's old Red Dragon Inn with very few limitations on the stories. This space can be for solos and for stories involving several or many characters just like in the old chat room.

There are just a few requests:

1) Please put your characters name and location at the head of the post. If the name is decipherable in a posted picture that is fine. A list of locations will be included at the bottom of the page to be added to as the stories expand.

2) This is a fantasy/medieval realm, but science fiction characters and vampires are welcomed also as long as they fit in the stories and there is a plausible way for them to be there. IE: time travelers, dimensional warps or portals.

3) Please no outright world changing events without my approval first.

4) If you are posting a solo and do not want others in the story, then put the label of “solo” somewhere near the name so its clear for all to see.

Thank you.

1) Crossroads Inn – an old castle tower converted into an inn/tavern.
Map 1st floor: http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b284/onlyarose/crossroadsinn.jpg
Map 2nd floor: http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b284/onlyarose/crossroadsinn2.jpg
2) Crossroads - a small fishing village below the castle.
3) The Island - an unnamed mountainous island some distance off the coast.(Once known as Fortress)
4) Amulus Island
5) The Dark Forest
6) The Mountains

I do reserve the right to use Island Mignar in some storylines in this community also. Information and maps can be found here: http://malakytes-realm.livejournal.com/696.html#cutid1
Map of Narthais: http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b284/onlyarose/Narthais.jpg


Edit: 02/19/2006
After a recent conversation with a friend i became clearer about what i want to do with this site.
Basically i want to make this like one of my first chat rooms.. Netcentral's Red Dragon Inn as stated above, where all kinds of stories happened, though this setting is not modern day, but like most chat room locations there are portals and such for characters to arrive by depending on the characters and story.

The idea is to be open ended. That is where everyone is welcomed to react to everyone elses characters as long as they are in the same location. That is what i want to create here. When that happened there was a wonderful mixing of characters and stories that rarely happens now.

In good creative writing there are some limitations. Most know these but i want to list them here as a reminder and for those who might not be familiar with them.

1) One does not call damage on anyone elses character.
2) There is a limit to a characters power and ability within reason... no character is perfect.
3) Surprises are alright, sometimes they stimulate the sort of flexability that makes for an interesting story. It is how such genres as vampires and science fiction can merge with fantacy .. the idea is flexability..

That is the kind of atmosphere that used to exist in many of the old chat rooms.. the enviroment i always found endlessly stimulating to my own creativity.