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malakyte [userpic]
Crossroads Inn - common room
by malakyte (malakyte)
at May 21st, 2006 (11:55 am)


Barlow & Ella
Barlow simply bowed to Caerdis. “Very good milord.” Then he returned to the kitchen. A few minutes later he stood before the Fae’s table, a mug of steaming tea in hand as he set it before Caerdis. He was totally unaware of the conversation that literally flew above his head.

Then before returning to the kitchen he approached Yvir, giving him a bow. “Good evening milord. May I get you anything tonight?”

Deciding at the last moment to pick up the key to room 8, Ella returned to the kitchen with Angelina’s tray of food to check on any other tasks for her. It was time she got back to her own duties. She made sure that Angelina’s room was left unlocked and then went to draw Selene’s bath.